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Chicago GreenWorks has re-developed this 12.5-acre former brownfield site on the West Side of Chicago creating an Eco-Industrial Park. Christy Webber Landscapes (CWL), a landscape design, construction, and maintenance company, is the anchor tenant on the site. The site name is Rancho Verde to honor the predominantly Hispanic workforce currently working in the landscape industry. With a landscape business of this scope and reliance on outside resources, the goal is to bring in associated businesses such as a nursery, a bulk materials company and others within working proximity to maximize their efficiency. The resulting coordination saves work, fuel and maximizes productive capacities. In developing the site, Chicago Greenworks enables sustainable design to be not only functional and attractive, but also economically viable. Now this commercial brownfield site redevelopment offers a place for the green industry within city limits, reducing travel times, pollution, and fuel usage.

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