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Extensive daylight use with automated dimming reduces annual operating costs.

Day lighting opportunities are related to orientation as well, and for the office building the south light is controlled and channeled into the building with a combination of light shelves, sun shades, and sky lights. These systems all work to maximize light in the winter and minimize exposure from the sun during the hotter months. The sun shades are sized to admit direct/warm rays during the winter months.

Daylight harvesting is the ability to maximize the power of the sun to provide working light for everyday tasks. The sun is up to 100 times brighter than what is needed indoors, so it is a powerful asset. Traditional skylights bring in far more light than needed because they tend to be oversized. For the same reason, they release substantial heat to the night sky. The light shelves are created by placing ductwork below the windows on the south side to bounce ambient light deep into the building’s interior and repurpose reflected light off the ceiling without causing heat loss in the winter.